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Resham filili
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Swapnil winning WAVE Award

Nepali website featuerd in an international publication. Retreived May 26, 2011

Product designer and design connoisseur from Kathmandu, Nepal.

I have more than fifteen years of expeirence doing all things design. I started off with humble designs for a couple of friends and family and gradually made my way up to designing websites and print stuff for real-world clients.

Some of the biggest feats I acheived:

My story

Dad bought home a personal computer in 2000

It all begins with my first computer. The year was 2000 and there was a looming Y2K fear that all the world's computers would go offline. However, I was in a different quest - a quest to learn how to use that damn computer.

Of all the tools out there, one tool, called Microsoft Powerpoint caught my attention. It was fun, it was graphic. I could use colors and shapes and symbols! This is exactly what I discovered I loved doing. Soon, I learned there was another tool that was even more awesome -- it was called Adobe Photoshop. So I went to New Road to buy a (pirated) instalation CD.

While I did learn Photoshop after some hiccups, I learned there was another tool called Macromedia Flash. This was even cooler. My designs would A-N-I-M-A-T-E! What else could a budding designer ask for?

Soon, one thing led to another and I learned my mojo. I was a designer now!

Swapnil in front of his PC Me in front of my computer, admiring the beast it was. An animated PC
website for japan auto techno

The website I desingned for Japan Auto Tech got me my first 1500 rupees salary in 2007. Totally worth it!

personal wwebsite

I had so much free time that I used to design a new personal website for me every week or so.

kathmandu academy

This print ad was done for the college I went to. It was the first ever printed material it every appeared on any medium. The feeling was exhilarating.

Loot 2

Some of my digital artworks (~2011)

An artwork An artwork An artwork

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